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Puppy Socialization Tips

Handling and Feeding Exercises for Puppies

Training Basic Commands (Cues)

Puppy Play Biting

Guide To Crate/Confinement Training

Puppy Housetraining Guide


Kitten Socialization Tips

Litter Training Kittens

Feline Environmental Needs Guidelines

Suggestions for Environmental Enrichment

Essential Cattitude: an insight into the feline world by Joan Judd

Training Kittens to Love Wearing a Harness and Leash


Basket Muzzle Conditioning

Behavior Consultation Questionnaire

Destructive Chewing and Digging

Counter Conditioning to Approaches at the Food Bowl

Infants, Children and Cats

Infants, Children and Dogs

Teaching "Fetch"/"Drop it"

Teaching "Leave it"

Training "Settle"

Training "Quiet" (Barking)

Teaching "Watch"

Teaching Structured Interaction Training (SIT) for all Interactions

Unruly Behavior in Dogs

The Dog Whisperer Controversy

The Dog Whisperer: Frequently Asked Questions

Fear Free

Basket Muzzle Conditioning

Behavior Modification for Dogs with Fear and Phobias Toward Noises and Locations

Behavior Modification for Dogs with Fear and Phobias Toward People and Pets

Cats & Carriers, Friends not Foes  (Video)

Cat Carrier Desensitization (Video)

Desensitization and Counter-Conditioning for Cats that are Afraid of People and other Cats

Fear of Fireworks

Management of Separation Anxiety

Kitten Socialization Tips

Puppy Socialization Tips

Teaching "Settle"


Training Cats and Kittens to Love Having Their Toenails Trimmed

Training Cats to Love Getting Injections

Training Cats to Love Receiving Oral Medications

Training Cats and Dogs to Love Being Petted or Groomed

Training Cats and Dogs to Love Having Their Ears Handled

Training Cats and Dogs to Love Car Rides

Training Dogs and Cats to Love Having Their Teeth Brushed

Training Dogs (and Cats) to Love Wearing a Muzzle

Training Dogs to Love the Gentle Leader

Training Dogs to Love Their Crates